Email marketing is being used within companies more and more in 2015, and is only growing in awareness amongst the business world, with more comapnies than ever giving budget to campaings. It is becoming one of the most important digital marketing techniques of the day, putting your content and products directly into consumers line of sight in their email inbox, meaning they have to open it to get rid of the notification, which, hopefully will encourage them to engage with your content. The success of an email marketing campaign however, depends on how creative, interesting and engaging your content is; if it is rather flat or tired, an unsubscribe button is just a click away for the customers!

We have put together some our tips and tricks to try and help you with your campaigns.

Seasonal campaigns

By sending a seasonal email, you will be zoning in on what a customer is looking for at a particular time, or what their interests are- there is no point sending email after email about fur coats to people in the height of summer… even if it isn’t sunny in England, on principle people won’t buy them! Instead, find a way to bend your products or services to be relevant all throughout the year. An example of this, is the example below- an email from Tiffany & Co. telling you pearls look great in summer. They aren’t offering discount or styles different to the ranges they have year round, they just picked out some pieces that could be worn in summer and brought them to customers attention to try and promote business. It is important to note here how many emails people recieve, per day, all from companies wishing to sell their products- make your email exciting, engaging, and great photography here is key- a beautiful image and a discount advertised are good ways to engage an individual.


Back to school, Christmas, Easter, a change of season, or even, (if you have their personal details) a birthday offer discount, are all chances for an email marketing campaign.

Use animated GIFs

Using animated gifs is a effective technique to capture a readers attention. A moving image is far more vibrant and engaging than a static one. The brand Boden for example, use the lemonade glass emptying for a fun quicky gif, with vibrant colours. Selfridges use it to showcase their products, they can show multiple bags using a gif which gives a larger chance of a sale as different customers have different tastes and this way there is a higher chance they will see something they like.

Responsive emails

With more and more people opening emails on a phone or tablet, it is important the email you send is able to be easily visible on these devices. Companies need to consider RSD techniques which are effective for mobile and desktop.

Individualised emails

If you are a company that can tailor your services to each client, this is a fantastic way to promote engagemet. Whilst receiving so many generic emails ‘sent to all,’ it is nice to recieve one that is ‘just for you.’ Examples of these are from companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. who can reccomend you to watch different shows they provide, therefore encouraging you to keep renewing your subscription.

A ‘we miss you’ email-

Many businesses who have inactive people on their marketing lists, those who aren’t engaging, send out a fun little ‘we miss you’ email such as the one shown below from the company ‘Picaboo’ who often then offer a discount voucher to try and entice a customers repeat business.


Pop up boxes

Whilst you may add clients to your databases when they purchase an item, having a pop up box when you first enter the site asking for an email in return for a saving, is a good way to encourage potential buyers to give their email address so you can broaden your market. As you can see on beauty website Charlotte Tilbury, she entices users to sign up to email lists with information emails she promises to send out. Customers never have to sign up and can just click off, but more often than not if they’re a fan of the brand, or want the discount saving, they are more than happy to sign up- if the process is quick and easy that is!


Use of video

We have discussed the advantages of video marketing in a blog post you can find here but videos can be also benefitial in email campaigns. Consumers are busy and may be on the go, and don’t want to have to click through to your web page or dig through the internet to find your video, but if it is presented to them with nice graphics or text around it encouraging them to have a look at it, they might just do that, and then become engaged with your content.

Introducing Launchpad

Our own email marketing studio, allows you can edit emails in place, to see the emails as customers do when they recieve it, you can have bespoke designs for your campaigns, it is designed by an agency, for agencies, so we know what you are looking for and what you want to achieve. You can also use your own from and reply-to addresses, and it is incredibly affordable. Below you can see an example of an email, you can see how it does not just look like a generic email, the design and layout are clean and fresh, and laid out on a way that is easy to read and engaging for the recipient.

Please contact us to learn more about our email marketing studio and how it can increase your sales by driving traffic to your business.