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Multisite WordPress Development

We as an agency are experts in setting and building  Multisite WordPress websites. This structure of a website offers numerous benefits, particularly for organisations or businesses managing multiple websites. We have a number of clients using this framework and have experience in deploying it successfully. There are some real advantages in using this framework.

Why have a Multisite WordPress website?

WordPress Multisite is a powerful tool for efficiently managing multiple websites, offering centralised control, cost savings, scalability, and improved security.

When deploying it, it is particularly beneficial for large organisations, educational institutions, and businesses with multiple online presences, allowing for consistent branding and simplified site management.

Multiste WordPress

Our advanced framework for Multisite WordPress development

Our Multisite framework makes development, deployment and ongoing management much simpler, bringing your content management much closer to the experience you’re used to with WordPress. Scalability, ease of updating and management of your WordPress website are at the heart of the framework.

Single Dashboard: Manage all your websites from a single WordPress dashboard, making it easier to handle updates, plugins, and themes.
Streamlined User Management: Centralised control over user roles and permissions across all sites in the network.

Reduced Hosting Costs: Hosting multiple sites on a single WordPress installation can be more cost-effective than maintaining separate installations.
Shared Resources: Themes and plugins can be shared across multiple sites, reducing the need for separate purchases and installations.

One-Click Updates: Update WordPress core, themes, and plugins across all sites with a single action, saving time and effort.
Consistent Environment: Ensure consistency across your sites by maintaining the same versions of themes and plugins.

Easily Add New Sites: Quickly create new sites within the network without the need for separate WordPress installations.
Flexible Site Management: Manage an unlimited number of sites, making it ideal for growing businesses, educational institutions, and large organisations.

Shared Plugins: Install plugins once and activate them for multiple sites as needed, reducing server load and maintenance overhead.
Unified Database: A single database can be easier to back up and manage compared to multiple databases for separate installations.

Domain Authority: Sub-sites can benefit from the domain authority of the main site, potentially improving search engine rankings.
Cross-Site Linking: Easily link between sites within the network, enhancing internal linking structures and SEO.

Multisite WordPress

What projects is Multisite used and deployed in?

The WordPress framework is ideal for a number of projects, but we have used it in a number of projects some of which are the follwoing:

Businesses with Multiple Departments: Each department can have its own site while maintaining brand consistency.

Educational Institutions: Manage sites for different departments, faculties, or courses under one network.

Hospitality, individual venues can have their own sites and can be managed centrally.

Media and News Networks: Manage multiple publications or regional editions from one dashboard.

Non-Profit Organisations: Create sites for different projects, campaigns, or chapters.

Blog Networks: Run a network of blogs with centralised management of content and user roles.

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