Web designing in the new profession when it comes to technology these days and whether you’re a novice or an expert CS4 Flash is becoming the most popular software learn. Since 1996 it has taken the web design world by storm. Creating a unique website, a person has to have a good eye for design and something being able to ‘think outside the box’. Here are the top 5 best flash websites for 2010 chosen by us at adigi:

1)The Monoface website is a advertising agency who are currently based in the USA. Their home page is pure genius, it originally brings up a picture of a person at random from their gallery and then the browser can click either on the eyes, nose, mouth or the head and shoulders and that section on the picture will change; it is the ‘potato head’ effect and to be honest it is quite enjoyable.

2) AgencyNet Interactive is a design company from NY, and their website is one of the best ever made; the Flash design is a animated picture of their offices in New York. It actually reminds us of an open doll house where you are able to move people from room to room, it looks amazing. Have a look for yourself:

3) Eye4u are an active media company is Flash is what they do. Their website is full of unique little flash moments which don’t fail to make you smile. If u enter their showroom there is a number of the projects they have recently undertaken. The even offer you a free screensaver! What more could you ask for?!

4) As far as promoting milk goes, this company has taken it a step further. Once you enter the site, you have 2 options; option one give you a 360 degree view of the island and option 2 is to play the game. The animated game is easy to play, it is kind of like cat and mouse but so much better. The aim is to get to the milk without getting caught, see how you get on…

5) Mark Ecko is an American entrepreneur who has an amazing website which gives people a good idea of what he does. His home page is like a picture gallery, with the links looking like picture on a wall, however what makes it more special is as your cursor moves so does the wall. Once you click on the picture is then takes you deeper into the website or alternatively to another one of his sites. Behind each picture is a different surprise, so get clicking!