This is a question that many companies ask us here at adigi and it is often a question we are reluctant to answer, here is why. Of course social media is a powerful tool for promoting any business online, this is if it is done right and managed accordingly. Once you do actively promote your business through the social media channels you open your brand to be commented on. If you start a Twitter, Facebook Group or any other social media channel not updating it looks like you as a company or brand are not productive.

It is usually the case that a company has all the best intentions in the world when they set off down this road thinking they will actively update the forum every day, week or couple of weeks. But usually these intentions or the work they have been doing before overrides these best laid plans. Communicating with your consumer is imperative and this is what social media channels let you do very well. Many companies such as the larger companies use, Twitter, Facebook and Bebo to communicate with their customers on day to day basis employing staff in house to purely manage this channel.

If your business cannot afford this luxury then the next option is to pay your SEO company to manage this process on your behalf. We have seen an increase in this strategy for the past year, social media experts communicating key messages to your brands audience. This is something that has become common practice. So the answer to the question I posed as the opener to this post is, Social Media, should a company use it or not? For us here at adigi, yes but be very careful to manage the process as it can bring positives as well as negatives to your business.