We often get asked, what platform is best for my ecommerce website.  This all comes down to a number of questions, timescales, integrations, amount of products etc. So the next question is. why set up an ecommerce site in Shopify? Some customers have already had the experience of operating a Shopify ecommerce store but some haven’t. The reality is the framework is a world and market leader in ecommerce platform. The framework has some fantastic benefits of using it to develop your ecommerce project in. Our team have experience in working with Shopify to make your project work seamlessly with payment integrations, subscription models, fulfilment solutions, CRM systems and marketing channels, meaning we’ll more than likely have the right solution for you and your team.

By building your online store with Shopify, you have access to a huge number of integrations that make running your business more efficiently than ever before. Some you’ll already be working with, but with our experience we can identify opportunities for you to streamline processes — which should make your project so much more likely to be successful. We have great case studies to show how these integrations can work for you and your business.

We always look at the objectives of your business and brand to recommend the best platform and implementation of that platform. This can be to improve conversion rates on your ecommerce website along with looking at basket abandonment. With analysis of this Shopify offers great integrations with systems such as Klaviyo (who by the way we are an agency partner) to maximise these rates.

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