Here at adigi we have been working with our clients for some time on producing effective email marketing campaigns. We've used everything from Mail Chimp to Constant Contact and many others, with variable success and usability issues.

From our own experiences and a common question from our agency partners, we were asked is there a better and more affordable solution we could recommend? There wasn't, so we set about designing and building a solution for not just for our clients here at adigi but for agenices and their clients.  

Launchpad Email

The email client system typically does many of the things that other email solutions do but the big difference is the control of the system and the reporting that Launchpad has over its rivals. The big question is "WHY" would you use Launchpad over its rivals: 

  • Cheaper for volume emails 
  • Ease of use 
  • Control of your own data
  • Tailored reporting for your client
  • Ticketing/support to ask direct questions about a campaign 
  • API to feed data into the system direct from a contact form or sign up
  • Responsive emailers

The Dashboard 

This gives you an insight into what is going on a top level for you and your client:

Launchpad dashboard


To start using the system and see what it can do for you or your client please register for your completely free 14 day trial