Hard to believe 1995 is now 15 years ago, however back then the European Commission was thinking very much on their feet and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire’s leading creative town was awarded a prize of 3 million euros to help develop its ‘Creative Town Initiative’. The funding idea was created to help stimulate, nurture and develop regional town’s creative industries. Huddersfield ‘s long history with manufacture and trade and more recent decline in local industry made it a prime spot for the European Commission to inject some well needed funds and opportunities in the area.

Today Huddersfield has established itself as the ‘13th’ most creative place in Britain and the leading creative place according to FutureLabs Market Research. Indeed in recent years with the rapid growth of the digital sector Huddersfield has adapted its local offer to website design, web development and search engine optimisation. In particular Huddersfield web design has been helping business start ups through to national blue chips. A strong foundation in creative excellence has attracted a large influx of talented web designers to Huddersfield and in turn Huddersfield web design is well known nationally for excellence in digital creative, thoughtful accessibility and making the most of the dynamic medium that is the web.

So what’s next for Huddersfield web design? Well as the region attracts more businesses through favourable locality to the M62 and excellent support services in the local area, Huddersfield digital marketing offer continues to grow, ever changing, increasingly dynamic the guys up north are leading the way with Huddersfield web design.