First of all, Happy New Year from everyone here at adigi!

Digital agency 2014

About this time of year I write a blog post on what my thoughts are going to be for the year ahead for all things digital, I feel a bit like mystic meg trying to predict the future of this industry. So this year I am going to base this on my teams thoughts and trends we have observed in 2013 from our own and clients experiences. 

As predicted last year the growth in people all across the country and world accessing websites using a tablet or mobile device has increased, this figure as we have been tracking on our own and clients websites has gone up month on month. It comes back to the same point from last year, if your website is responsive and accessible on these devices you and your company are going to give your customers a better user experience. Ultimately this will lead to better conversion for your website so if you don't have a responsive website it is definitely something you need to look at for 2014. 

Content is king, this was the message last year and it is the message for 2014, Google which is by far the biggest player in terms of search in the UK has done various updates with its algorithm over the course of 2013 (all called various names) however the key strategy we have been asking our clients to employ is to generate good content for all the channels they are using. Using a multi-channel mix of content across, Social Media, Blogs and your own website has seen the best results for our clients in producing the best engagement and overall postioning within Google. For 2014 the lines between PR, Social Media and SEO are going to become even more blurred than they were last year. 

Many of our clients have turned to e-mail marketing and we have seen this channel producing significant returns for our customers, this channel is going to be set to used in a much more strategic format for 2014 with the inclusion of mobile and tablet friendly emails.In December we were asked to produce banner advertising in HTML 5 for mobile and tablet devices for distribution by media publishing houses, this is by far going to be the format of choice in 2014. Previously we had always been asked to provide flash banner files. This shift will continue in 2014 to HTML 5. 

There is so much more we could share with you, so why not call one of our expert team for a chat about your digital project. 

I know we are all very excited here at adigi about the digital year ahead. 

We wish you all the best for 2014