Each project is individual when it comes to their requirements. From those that have an existing brand that deserves an update to those that want a whole new branding to reflect a new business. We wanted to give you a behind the scenes of our process, so that when it comes to your project, you know what to expect from our team and method.

We will take client Baird Mint Collection as the example here, we absolutely love the finished outcome of this branding. Baird Mint Collection is the sister brand to Baird Mint, one of the biggest producers of gold bullion in the UK and a worldwide player in the gold market. They were already the second biggest own brand producer for wedding rings and wanted to step into being a brand in their own right within the market.

To begin with, we understand the client and their industry. That’s ultimately the most important part of the job to ensure we hit the mark on an amazing project that they envisioned. We have to understand the client, brief and plan how we can work together. Baird didn’t have a brand name for their new venture, so we worked with them on that providing various options. Ultimately, Baird Mint Collection was chosen – to both build on the well established and revered name and also to future proof the brand by using the word ‘collection’ instead of limiting them to ‘rings.’

Moving onto branding and creative, we work as a team to understand not only the clients business but the industry as a whole, the audience we’re presenting to and of course, the product itself. Our designer Sam took this into consideration when creating the Baird Mint Collection branding. It needed to feel luxe and high end to represent the brand and product, stand out in the market and also keep the heritage feel that the family business Baird & Co. already had. The gold was a nod towards the fact they refine their own gold in their London refinery, the icon would work beautifully on the website, social media, plus offline material such as the hallmark on the ring, on the ring box and so on. It’s still amazing to us to see branding work we’ve done on so many exciting propositions. As you can therefore appreciate, it’s important that we have a full understanding as to what the branding will be used on before we go ahead and begin work on your branding – so that we know it needs to be as striking and memorable on a website as it does on a rings hallmark. 

The design and build of the website comes next. This process is worked on closely with the client to really create their vision for the brand with our creative and technical guidance. 

For this project, we also worked on all the photography and video from the creative direction to the mood boards for styling. It was important to bring the brand to life as a luxury lifestyle brand, evoking that bridal feel, so we chose the absolute perfect location of Ripley Castle – another of our clients. We had the minor set back of a snowstorm the week of the shoot but, as always, team adigi are nothing but determined to get the job done. So, with models trekking through the snow in bridal couture and our grooms in wellies, we delivered on the photography. Frozen feet were defrosted as we final checked the imagery and we even managed to shoot a stunning video that shows the rings in situ and gives both brides and grooms that wedding day magical feel that they could have if they choose a luxury Baird Mint Collection ring for their wedding. Of course, then there were the actual product images for the website and for the Ernest Jones website – a fantastic project to work on!

Product shots taken and edited, we were ready to get the content all inputted into the new website and then launch! The trade area was a phase two to give the client a really easy and manageable way to get orders from jewellers. The jewellers loved the fact they could login to their own dashboard and order their rings whenever they get an order.

Following launch, we set up social media accounts for Baird Mint Collection and gave them a styling for this, also developing the strategy for their online blog and overall digital marketing campaigns. From the whole feel of the new brand, there has been huge success and they are now featured in Ernest Jones!

We hope this has given you more of an insight into our processes and how we like to work. Every single campaign that we do is completely bespoke to the client. Whether you want to revamp your current website or begin from scratch from Baird, we’d love to help you with your digital strategy and positioning. 

If you’re inspired by the work we did in this blog and think we could do something to help elevate your brand, you can read more about our expertise on our website to see what we could do for you.

Don’t forget to check out the Baird Mint Collection website!