What’s in a name? How can your business sum itself up in but a few words?

The adigi team spent but minutes (we’ll maybe an hour or so) trying to come up with a name that presented our passion for everything digital. Our thinking started as thus:

  • Define ourselves:

Web Design

Web Development

Digital Agency

West Yorkshire

North Yorkshire



A great place to work

A passion for digital

  • Define ourselves again

Web Design Yorkshire

Web Design Leeds

A Digital Agency

Huddersfield Web Design

Leeds Web Development

  • Getting fed up with this definition stuff!

A digital agency Yorkshire

Web Design & Development Leeds

Digital Agency

  • Eureka – after a tea break


adigi(tal agency)

We like to think adigi tells you all about us in one word, however if you’d like to be convinced get in-touch and we’ll share our passion for everything digital with you!