Happy New Year! Here at adigi we have been seeing a large increase in not only our own business but our clients businesses across the board. This growth has been accredited to the demise of the high street retailers and the amount of people who are prepared to search for and buy products and services online. There are a number of factors that are driving online sales, the internet is now more accessible than ever using mobile mobile and tablet technology. Mobile sales increased 70% from 2009 to 2010 illustrating the point quite clearly. People are prepared to go and look in the retail shops but then in real time search the internet for the product and see if they can get it cheaper online.

With the competition growing online it is important to try and convert any traffic that arrives onto your website into an enquiry or sale. The developments in SEO and Social Media mean that getting targeted traffic to your website is so important, whether this is through Google, Twitter, Facebook is irrelevant it takes time and usually takes investment.

With the current Technology conference in Las Vegas the big buzz word coming out the conference is the new developments in Tablet technology. These are usually able to use 3G technology as well as Wi-Fi meaning they are totally portable and can be used at will. The price of these devices will inevitably come down and the internet will become even more accessible for all. Good luck to all for 2011.