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Tom Kerridge

A Michelin starred chef, Tom Kerridge has written a range of cook books and was looking to create a new range of products which centre around British industry and products that would be chef quality. Working with UK suppliers, he created a range of products; handcrafted knives, ceramic bowls thrown by hand using Cornish stoneware clay and professional quality pans were among the products and are all products Tom himself would use in his restaurants.


"Celebrity chef's online shop"

Working with Tom and his team, we created an ecommerce website which both builds Tom's online presence as a well known chef and TV personality, but also sells his products direct to consumer.

As premium, handcrafted products, we had two aspects of them to convey; their quality and craftsmanship and the fact Tom devoted lots of his time sourcing and working with producers on the products. We did this through imagery and video; throughout the website there's imagery of him with the producers having a go at creating the products for himself and videos of him with the producers and discussing the products and why they're such high quality.

We also used imagery of him using the products to really bring home the fact he wasn't just putting his name to products - they're something he's worked on himself and truly believe in which sets it apart from any other celebrity endorsement.

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