As a  WordPress VIP hospitality agency we specialise in providing high-quality hospitality services to our  clients, some of which include Cubitt House, The Lime Tree, Country Creatures to name a few. 

WordPress VIP, offer our clients a premium hosting service offered by WordPress. WordPress VIP is a managed WordPress hosting platform that caters to large-scale and high-traffic websites, ensuring superior performance, security, and support.

We leverage our enterprise level WordPress to create exceptional digital experiences for our clients in the hospitality industry. The creative direction, design and development of custom WordPress themes and plugins tailored to the specific needs of hotels, resorts and restaurants,  event venues, and other hospitality businesses means we are the UK’s market leader in the sector..

The services provided by our agency and being a  WordPress VIP hospitality agency are:

  • Website Design and Development: Creating visually appealing and functional websites that reflect the brand identity (often we work with branding agencies on this) and offer seamless user experiences. This may involve customising WordPress themes, integrating booking systems, implementing e-commerce functionality, and optimising the website for performance.
  • Content Management: Assisting with content creation and management, including copywriting, image sourcing, video production, and content updates. They may also provide guidance on content strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO), and social media integration.
  • Performance Optimisation: Ensuring the website loads quickly, performs efficiently, and handles high traffic volumes. This may involve optimising code, implementing caching mechanisms, utilising content delivery networks (CDNs), and conducting regular performance audits.
  • Security and Maintenance: Implementing robust security measures to protect the website from hacking attempts, malware, and other threats. They may also handle routine maintenance tasks, including software updates, backups, and monitoring.
  • Integration and Customisation: Integrating the website with third-party systems such as property management systems (PMS), customer relationship management (CRM) software, and email marketing platforms. They may also develop custom features and functionalities to meet specific business requirements.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Setting up analytics tools to track website performance, user behaviour, and conversion rates. They can provide regular reports and insights to help clients make data-driven decisions and improve their online presence. We often use Looker Studio for maximising the best return on investment and tracking data.

Overall, our agency leverages the power and flexibility of WordPress VIP to create exceptional digital experiences that drive business growth and enhance customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry.

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