As an a agency we’ve worked with various email platforms and systems. We’ve seen some great steps forward in these systems but for our clients we’ve done a number of integrations in the last 6 months with Klaviyo and we love it, so much so we’ve decided to become an agency partner! We’re really excited to have become a partner and as one of the leading platforms for email marketing in the e-commerce sector, Klaviyo offers incredible in-depth reports allowing you to create targeted strategies that deliver results for our clients brands and businesses.

As Klaviyo experts, we have helped and can help you develop an effective email marketing strategy that will have a focus on engagement and conversion between you and your customers. With excellent features for maximising sales through an ecommerce stores, Klaviyo can integrate brilliantly with platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce (something else we are experts in).  We’ve recognised the high value and first-class support that Klaviyo can offer, we decided to join the Klaviyo Partners programme to offer our customers a complete e-commerce email marketing solution.

A good example of increasing conversion with the Klaviyo system has been Masons Gin, we’ve worked with our client to increase conversion on the website, leading from a 3% to a 7% conversion rate. Klaviyo was integral to improving the conversions. Read more here:

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