As an agency we have worked on design and developing a number of complex ecommerce and marketplace websites. The common theme with these projects is what sits alongside the website we have developed for our clients and their brands. In some circumstances we have been asked to recommend a platform and this has happened a number of times recently. It has been hard to find a system to recommend, don’t get us wrong there are some great ERP and CRM systems out there but there are also some bad ones. After working on a number of projects and being exposed to these we had been really impressed with the DEAR system (we have 3 clients now using it very successfully).

It is has great documentation and integration for Woocommerce, Shopify, WordPress and Big Commerce. After working on our 3rd project with the team at dear they asked us to become a partner agency with them, which we decided to do. Although we do work happily with other systems and every project is done of merit of a client or businesses requirements, if dear will work for a client it is our partner of choice.

Rated as the number one Cloud ERP system/software in the US, it is a growing framework that makes enterprise-level inventory management, manufacturing, sales channel integration, reporting and more accessible to businesses of all sizes. We have had a small business and a large business turning over £20m using the system with the same levels of success. If you are looking for a partner is the space then contact us today to see how we can help integrate it into your website development or ecommerce project.