We have added a new favourite to the reporting  in Google Analytics, it is not the traffic levels or conversion tab, no it is the service provider. The service provider can reveal some very interesting business opportunities, help you to analyse who and which provider are accessing your website on a regular basis .

I know, it doesn’t sound that interesting or insightful but just take a look at what you can learn from it. Below I have attached a few months of our data here at adigi. service provider

We’ve been recently working with a few government organisations and a company called Easynet Ltd seeing these companies on the service provider lists provides us with enough information to realise they have been accessing our website on a regular basis.

Large organisations tend to have their own service provider and so this gives you invaluable information as to the companies or organisations who have been looking at your website. So don’t forget to check it out next time you are in your Google Analytics account.