As big fans of Wensleydale Cheese, we were excited to start work on their website to update the design and bring the brand to life!

The new website replaces the old framework and is now fully responsive, meaning it is accessible on all devices. By studying the Google Analytics of our various clients’ websites over recent years, we have noticed that 25% of the total traffic comes specifically from mobile and tablet devices. Building a responsive website therefore increases the chances of making a mobile sale as the ease of use allows a user to quickly and easily make a purchase.

We updated the e-commerce platform to develop the ease of use for the customer. By streamlining the process, we have given Wensleydale Cheese customers the easiest route to checkout from homepage to the basket page encouraging the customer to make a purchase. We have created clear sections for the ‘shop’ which visually define the categories and make it easy for a user to visit the website and find exactly what they were looking for.

Working on the new site, the ‘where to buy’ area was an important one. Whilst a customer can buy the cheese through the website, there are also stores throughout the UK selling Wensleydale products, and so it was important to offer an ease of purchase offline if the customer didn’t want to place one online.


As well as the retail customers, Wensleydale Creamery wanted a trade section which would allow these wholesales and independent retailers, delis and farm shops to get more information on the products, with a product guide download section. As they export their cheese all around the world to shops, many can’t visit the Creamery in the Yorkshire Dales and so this download section is increasingly important to the expanding markets they’re reaching.


Highlighting the history the brand was important during the build. Wensleydale cheese have long heritage, dating back to French Cistercian Monks settling in the area. A business with ‘good old Yorkshire determination,’ we wanted to emphasise that whilst the business has changed throughout the years, Wensleydale Creamery continues to handcraft cheese to a time honored recipe.


Take a look at the website and let us know what you think!