As an agency we have been delighted to support a number of not-for-profit WordPress design and build projects. Some of these projects we have also been supporters of by donating a certain amount of our own time as a way of donating to their very important causes. 

When we are designing and building WordPress websites for not-for-profit clients, as we do with all the projects we undertake, is to approach it with the objectives of the project at its core. Our understanding of the unique needs and challenges of these organisations and tailoring our skills and solutions to meet them effectively. We’ve included a summary of some of the main objectives when specifically working within a not-for-profit project below:

  • Understanding nonprofit needs: We have spent the time to familiarise ourselves with the specific goals and constraints of nonprofit organisations. We have often found that an organisation has a strong focus on their mission. Understanding these needs and factors will guide our strategic approach to the design and website development.
  • Customisation and flexibility: We develop and design websites that are highly customisable and flexible to accommodate the changing needs of a Nonprofit organisation, and it means we can empower internal teams to manage and update content with confidence and ease.
  • Donation and fundraising integration: We have great experience in maximising conversion on a website for donations. We have extensive knowledge in integrating donation platforms, crowdfunding tools, and fundraising campaigns into our  WordPress websites. We strategically advise organisations on donation flows, to promote conversion as we understand this key requirement. We work with client to enable them to collect donations effectively.
  • Accessibility and inclusivity: Accessibility is crucial for nonprofits to ensure their message reaches as many audiences as possible. We have varying levels of accessibility that our websites are designed and built to meet.
  • Security and maintenance: Security is paramount for any website we design and build, especially handling sensitive donor information. We implement robust security measures, regular backups, and maintenance routines to ensure the integrity and reliability of WordPress websites for nonprofits.
  • SEO and online visibility: We technically assist nonprofits in improving their online visibility and reaching their target audience effectively. We optimise WordPress websites for search engines by performing audits on their initial site, and then implement technical SEO best practices such as keyword research, on-page optimisation, and Google conversion tracking. 
  • Measuring impact and reporting: We help nonprofits track and measure the impact of their online efforts with the set up of Google Looker Studio reporting. We set up analytics tools, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and generate reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of the websites in achieving their goals of engagement and conversions.

We offer training, retainers and continuous quality improvement for our clients. As we appreciate that working with us on a regular basis will improve the quality and the success of an organisation’s chance of achieving their goals. 

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