After lots of discussion and soul searching about a charity to select as the winner, of our win a website competition, we have finally managed to pick a worthy cause. It has been a challenging experience for the whole team as there has been so many charities that deserve our help. We are very proud to announce that we have chosen Leed's Childrens Charity

Leeds Children

Having informed them of their prize we will be setting about designing and building them a new responsive website. They are a fantastic charity that do some great work with disadvantaged children in the Leeds area. If you've never heard of the charity please do go and check them out and see if you can help them out in any way. 

Leeds Children Charity


I want to thank every charity that took the time to enter the competition, the team have been overwhelmed with how many great causes there are to help. So we will be running the competition again to help another charity at some point in the future, so please do keep checking out our blog and stay in-touch with us.