Twitter has recently celebrated its 20 billionth tweet and around 50 million tweets are now submitted each day. It is a micro-blogging platform, offering users just 140 characters in which to post their message. Twitter is an incredibly quick and easy way to release news to a wide audience.

Twitter Set Up

In order to establish your presence on Twitter adigi will create, design and develop your

dedicated twitter account. This involves:

  • Keyword and demographic research.
  • Setting the page up with correct username, category, profile and bio.
  • Designing an appropriate Twitter background incorporating your logo, strap line, photos etc.
  • Initially follow 50 relevant users.

Twitter Growth & Development

To grow your Twitter profile adigi will assign a dedicated team member to become your official “tweeter”. This “tweeter” will become the voice of your organisation, announcing important news, events, competitions etc on a frequent basis.

Clients can utilise a number of add-on functions, which can be chosen to fit in line with your budget. These include:

  • Integration of twitter account with other SM accounts (e.g. Facebook, YouTube).
  • Creation of Twitter badge to be incorporated into external websites, newsletters etc.
  • Integration with your blog.
  • On topic tweets (number of tweets dependant on budget).
  • Responding to other users tweets to form a conversation.
  • Daily tweets to engage with fellow users and encourage interaction.
  • Monitoring followers and following to ensure no inappropriate language etc