Recently we launched a website for the Michelin star celebrity chef, Tom Kerridge. Since then, we’ve been working on his ecommerce shop, which marks the start of his venture into kitchen and cook wear; which we’re very excited to launch today!

tom shop

Working with British manufacturers across the country, Tom has created a range of products that he is proud to put his name to. He played a huge part in the creation of these, testing them in his two Michelin star pub, The Hand & Flowers; so when making a purchase, you are safe in the knowledge they’re robust, beautifully designed, and set to last the test of time with his lifetime guarantee. His involvement means that all items in the range are of a superior quality a professional chef expects from a product. Tom said, “All of these products have been tested and are meant to be used rather than just looked at and stand the test of time. Think ‘Land Rover Defender’ for kitchens.”

The branding of the ecommerce site perfectly compliments his existing site; when designing the site we knew it was important the shop site was image led, to showcase the products and the involvement he had in the process.

Building on Tom’s success with his two restaurants, multiple recipe books and T.V shows such as Bake Off: Creme de la Creme, the long awaited products, now on sale, add another string to his bow.

tom k shop

The range is well refined- including ceramic serving bowls hand crafted in Cornwall to knifes expertly created in Sheffield. From domestic kitchens to professional kitchens, whatever your skill set is; we’re sure you’ll find a product you love.

We can’t wait to continue to work closely with Tom to continue to grow his online presence, promoting his products and brand.