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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a one of the most successful ways to directly communicate with your audience, directly into their inbox. It allows you to send engaged customers or businesses timely, targeted and personalised campaigns which promote valuable direct engagements with clients to drive awareness and generate sales.

We have our own suite for email marketing, called Launchpad which is our fully-managed email marketing studio targeted towards clients and agencies alike.

Our bespoke system and cluster of mail servers allow us to provide our clients with a scalable and powerful platform, helping them to create targeted and effective email marketing campaigns which return valuable and insightful feedback and ultimately drive conversion and engagement.

With bespoke templated designs, you have the facility to build your own email campaigns which are pre-checked in 45 different email clients, mobile and tablet devices.

Segmenting your email marketing lists improve open and click rates by narrowing your focus and sending targeted campaigns to specific groups who will find your content more relevant. More relevant content means better results!

Launchpad provides advanced features allowing you to segment your data manually or automatically based on predetermined data such as location, purchase history and age. Split testing is easy to use and can be combined with dynamic subscriber data to give truly personal and more focused content to the recipient which is more likely to be read and lead to conversion.

Launchpad currently manages over 30 client's subscriber data and campaigns, sending around 6 million emails a month.

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