Launching a new website is always an exciting time in the office; from concept to completion, the whole team have been involved at some point in the process, so launching a website the client is happy with, is always something we love to do!

the energy network imac 1

With high profile clients such as Porsche, The Championships Wimbledon and Bentley Motors, The Energy Network provide energy to big names in the business world, procuring their energy for the best rates possible.

One of the main benefits they provide to their customers is the Market Watch portal; which allows a client to log in and see up to date wholesale pricing for gas and power; resulting in their customers purchasing energy for the best possible price during that period.


We’ve created a new, responsive website, which has been completely rebranded, creating an engaging site for a business to business company. Energy procurement is not a tangible product; so when considering the new branding of the site, we wanted to convey the product, whilst using imagery which is engaging and shows another side of the industry; both how the energy is created with wind turbines, to where it is used with images of big cities.

We can’t wait to continue our work with The Energy Network, managing their online presence; creating content for their blog and Twitter account! We will be producing content which will look at different areas of the industry; breaking them down into easy to understand blogs, making the industry accessible to everyone wanting to procure energy.