For the past three weeks, we have been interns at adigi. We have learnt many things whilst at the company, including how to write a blog, tips on setting up and maintaining successful social media for a company, and SEO using Google Adwords.


I was able to take over the social media of a company, called Laura's Beau writing their tweets and blogs, as well as doing their keywords for google AdWords attempting to gain customers for the retail business. I also sent out an email marketing campaign on behalf of the company, and was then showed how to analyse the results from this, including how many people viewed the email, and if the sales from the website increased due to this (they did!) I also did this for a 'Facebook Boost Post' where I boosted a companies post to attempt to draw traffic to their Facebook post to increase sales and also an awareness of their social media.

The aspect I enjoyed the most during my time at adigi has been learning how to write a blog using WordPress, what tags to use and how to promote a blog, which has even led me to start my own! The blogs I have written have been for a few of adigi's clients, attempting to showcase their products and market them in various ways, such as one for a jewellery range on the Little Bowe website, gathering products and putting together my top gifts for brides and bridesmaids. 

I also designed a brief for a banner I wanted to put on a website (featured below), which accompanied a blog I had written about a new design range that is coming soon to a website. I therefore found images I wanted on the banner and did a simple outline with text and image placement, with a brief ready for creative designer who then put this together for me.

paris-banner (1)

I have enjoyed my time here, and have learnt a lot about marketing that I didn't previously know, which in the future could potentially lead me to a career in it!


At adigi, I loved working with the creative designers. Learning how a website is built from the inside and helping create some of the website content, (e.g banners) was really interesting, especially since I’ve never done anything like it before!


As a 20-year-old, social media is obviously an unavoidable part of my life, and I would have considered myself fairly knowledgeable about websites like facebook and twitter. Despite this, though, there was still an enormous amount to learn about how a comprehensive and well-planned social media campaign can dramatically increase traffic to and awareness about a website or brand. As well as working on strategies for the major social media sites, we looked at newer and smaller platforms like depop, and how to build up a following on there.

I write a blog myself, so being able to write posts for both Little Bowe and adigi was particularly useful in terms of gaining an insight into the style of posts which people respond better to, and hopefully i’ll be able to transfer some of these skills into my own work.

It would be difficult for us to find a bad word to say especially considering the fact that Dan put a box of donuts next to us just as we started writing this.