You might have noticed that we’ve had a little rebrand. Our ‘old’ branding had been with us for a few years and honestly, since we give so many clients the Fairy Godmother re-brand treatment most weeks, we were feeling a little left out. We wanted the sparkle of a new brand and identity – not that we don’t still love our old logo and font but honestly, it’s a whole new decade and it’s not enough to stay the same.

So why is it important to change branding?

For us, our old branding worked online in all the major ways – it looked great on our website both on desktop on mobile, it sat pretty on our social media display pictures. But – it just felt like we were staying the same. Much like the way you wouldn’t still wear the boots you wore when you were 14, we’ve changed, and it was time our branding reflected that.

We’ll start with the colour – we wanted a little pop of colour that would draw the eye and stand out in a sea of black and white logos. The pink was fun and that’s what we wanted to show – you don’t have to always be monochrome. As a team, we’re quite energetic and this wasn’t reflected in our old logo – if we’re not chasing one of the office dogs around, we’re out on team days at indoor sky diving or throwing ourselves down a dry slope learning to snow board. We wanted the pink to reflect our team and a little bit of our energy.

We’ve done some (if may we say so ourselves) great branding work recently. We hope you’ve seen some of it on our social media, but when you’re updating other peoples websites and branding every week, you get super itchy fingers to do your own. Though admittedly, it means that the whole team are super excited and so we all debate that perfect shade of pink for hours. Who knew there was so many tones of hot pink?

Cross platform

If you’re thinking of updating your branding, it’s important to first start by thinking where you’re going to use it. From a tiny Instagram profile photo to emblazoned across the side of a huge factory for example, we bring you David Wood Foods. It’s actually so funny seeing your branding in real life after being part of such debates for so long. Sitting and watching a logo come together in our office and then visiting and seeing hundreds of staff with it on their production uniforms and across the side of multiple factories, it brought it back in our minds how important it was for us to have created something that is super cross platform. What we did in this case was to create an icon which would both sit in the logo and be used outside of it too. The profile photo on Instagram to refer back to that, was just the icon – most other places including the website, the full logo sits – but having the option to start representing your brand by icon only is not only a great marketing tool but ensures your logo is versatile.


The branding is much more than people think. When doing a set of brand guidelines, it includes details such as fonts and colours. The accent colours of the website are used on various buttons around the site etc. and the fonts will be used around the site and offline too. It’s interesting to see how much a font can alter the look of the website – it alters the whole vibe of a website and can really bring it to life further than a bog standard font – no one wants to be bog standard.

What is your brand saying?

Before we start a rebrand it’s important that we discuss who you are and what you do – to know this is to know what style of branding will work for you. We want to create a brand that will bring you longevity – not just a fashionable brand now and then in a few years completely outdated. Classic design, fonts and colours are all intrinsic to achieving this. This is true for lots of our clients when they come to us; you can almost date how old their logo is from the trend style of it. We want you to have a brand that will carry you forward and grow your brand both on and offline.


So yes – we’ve had a rebrand, but we’re the same old us, so if you’d like to pop in and have a chat, we’ll have a coffee ready. Just let us know when you’re ready to take your brand to the next level!