As an agency we have vast experience of designing and building websites for customers who are looking to migrate had many of our clients move over frameworks from Drupal to WordPress. 

Migrating from Drupal to WordPress involves transferring your website’s content, design, branding and functionality from one platform to the other (usually we improve upon the design and user journey in the transfer over). While we have done a range or projects like this the spectrum is vast. Here’s a general guide to help you with the migration and the some of the steps we as an agency would work with you on:

  • Evaluate and audit your current Drupal website: Assess your current Drupal site and determine what content, features, and functionalities need to be migrated to WordPress. Take note of any custom modules or themes you’re using, as they may require additional work during the migration.
  • Sitemap consultancy: A review of the current sitemap would be undertaken to assess the user journey and user experience. 
  • Set up Enterprise WordPress Install and configure WordPress on your desired hosting environment. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions and access to perform the migration of content directly. We have developed bespoke plugins to extract Drupal content into WordPress.
  • Create a brand led design : We will with your brand guidelines create an engaging conversion focused website that is responsive, accessible and mobile friendly.
  • Install and configure essential plugins: We only work with trusted essential plugins and have our own versions we have built for many applications.
  • Export Drupal content: In Drupal, export your content using a tool like the “Migrate” module. This will generate an XML or CSV file containing your posts, pages, categories, tags, and other relevant content.
  • Import content into WordPress: We will guide you through the process and map Drupal fields to their corresponding WordPress equivalents.
  • Migrate images and media: Transfer your Drupal site’s images and media files to your WordPress website. We’ll do this for you and will guide you through the process,
  • Set up redirects: Drupal and WordPress have different URL structures, so we’ll need to set up redirects to ensure that your old Drupal URLs point to the corresponding WordPress URLs. This is crucial for preserving SEO rankings and user experience.
  • Test and refine: Thoroughly test your migrated content, functionalities, and integrations are working as intended. We evaluate and Fix any issues that arise during testing and optimise your site for performance and SEO.

Our expertise of migrating from Drupal to WordPress is done with  careful planning, attention to detail, and technical expertise. We always scope out the technical requirements and required functionality before we undertake any project. 

All our work is planned out with clear timelines to meet client expectations. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and project.