Here at adigi we see many different websites, potential projects and online marketing strategies across all sectors and project types. The common factor whatever sector your in, is to get the basics right. The first question a company or an individual has to ask themselves is what are my objectives? Is it too sell a product, generate an enquiry or purely inform the browser of your services?

If it is let’s say you are looking too sell trainers on the internet, you need to ask the following, how competitive is it too sell trainers and how many other companies are competing to sell the same trainers? What is going to be unique about what your website is offering? If the answer is nothing then you do really have too question your own objectives. Here at adigi we recommend the starting point for any project is to research your marketplace before you undertake any design or building of a website.

Keyword research will give you a unique insight into how many people are looking for whatever you are looking to sell or offer a potential customer. The keyword research will also indicate whether there is a genuine need for your service. This essentially will help form your online marketing strategy and should influence your decision making on building a website in your chosen sector.

Here at adigi we can help from an initial idea, branding, design work and your complete marketing strategy. Call us directly to help you maximise your online proposition.