Strange but true, the internet takes one step forward and two steps back each time a new browser comes out. For those that are shackled with Internet Explorer 6 this statement is all too true. With advent of Internet Explorer 8, developers have begun to embrace quicker rendering speeds, greater use of dynamic javascript and Ajax databases which are providing a greater experience for the user and vastly improved website accessibility.

However how many browsers are enjoying this much improved presentation? Internet Explorer continues to be the largest search engine with approximately 75% market share, broken down into about 40% Explorer 7 and 35% Explorer 6, with the latter being mostly made up of government run authorities and companies reluctant to upgrade due to administration problems. Unfortunatley whilst the internet is powering on largely facilitated by forwarding thinking, intelligent developing Internet Explorer is inherently holding back the power that can be exploited.

adigi would like to start a one agency campaign to encourage all IE6 browser users to upgrade or use some or our preferred browsers (rated according to our preference), as below:

1. Mozilla Firefox – quick, efficient and infinitely adaptable this browser is as smooth as like and offers great functionality. Download it here.

2. Google Chrome – still in its infancy but growing fast this browser promises a lot and deliver industry beating speed for page rendering. A very impressive start and more to follow with the introduction of ‘apps’. Download it here.

3. Apple Safari – simple to use, nice design and thoughtful functionality, but still a bit behind the top two…once the plaything of mac users only it’s now available for Windows. Download it here.

And let us not forget IE8, full of problems, difficult to use and frustrating…we’d suggest you keep IE7 until it’s no longer supported or consider the ones above. Let us know what you think…provide some comments, thank you.