If you’re looking to increase your digital brand engagement, here are the key channels we recommend you should be thinking about for 2016.

Are you mobile friendly?

In a world where internet use continues to be multi-channel, having a responsive website that works across all devices and platforms to maximise visibility and engagement of your brand is incredibly important. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful websites where throughout the design process we focus on producing a positive user-journey, we want to maximise your return on investment; having a website that keeps its clear design and information on every device is of utmost importance. We worked with Yorkshire- based pork pie maker, Vale of Mowbray, and created a responsive website to increase visibility across all devices, allowing customers interested in their products, company news and learn more about the brand.

vale of mowbray screen shot

Are you using Social Media to Engage?

Social media has become a true asset to businesses over the past few years, with millions of users directly accessible to brands wanting to spread awareness of their services and products- it is free to use and with potential engagement so high, we encourage all our clients to tap into this market. We therefore create huge social media following for our clients and engaging content and marketing strategies to give our combined expertise to help further their business. Using social media management, monitoring and evaluation tools, we maximise the visibility and impact of social media activity by ensuring that we never miss an opportunity to keep you ‘front of mind’ with the people you want to talk to and engage with. Working with Wensleydale Creamery, we set up a new responsive blog which sits alongside their website- it allows them to post fun, engaging content to drive brand awareness- with posts such as recipes and news of the brand, it helps bring returning browsers to their business, as well as giving Google valuable content to help with their ranking on search engines.


Are you building a targeted list of customers?

Along with your social media campaigns, it is important you don’t forget how important email marketing remains to be in communicating with your target audience. We help to promote your services, drive awareness, generate sales and put messages across to your audience- from a new product, to a sale, and everything in between. We have our own email marketing studio, Launchpad, which is targeted towards clients and agencies. Our bespoke system and cluster of mail servers allow us to provide our clients with a scalable and powerful platform, helping them to create targeted and effective email marketing campaigns which return valuable and insightful feedback and ultimately drive conversion and engagement. Working with Wensleydale Cheese. we have managed their email marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive relevant traffic back to their website, as well as working on their social media and blogging, we aim to boost their social media presence.

percol social media

Are you promoting your business using advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an internet advertising model which is used to drive direct traffic to websites. Advertisers pay the publisher (for example Google) when the ad is clicked by a consumer. The process works in a cycle- the consumer wants to see relevant adverts to their search enquiry, the advertiser wants their products and services to be seen, and the publisher wants the most relevant and quality content to be seen on their search engine so it continues to be valued. It is an asset to a business as it allows your products to be seen based off customers searches; we therefore set these up using keywords to be as relevant and tailored to your company as possible to drive interested traffic onto your website in a bid to increase interest and sales.


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