Halloween has always been a bigger holiday in America than at home here in the UK. In 2014, according to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent an estimated $7.4 billion on costumes, decorations and candy- a huge figure for a holiday which doesn’t include presents or, traditionally huge meals such as the Christmas period. It comes as no suprise then, that retailers everywhere are jumping on board this multi billion dollar holiday with their online and in store marketing to help relate their products to the holiday.

Apart from costume shops and sweet retailers which are the biggest winners from the holidays, most ordinary shops don’t year round relate to ghouls and ghosts, or black cats, and so everyone strives to relate their brand and business to the holdiday to jump on the #Halloween bandwagon to have a slice of this $7.4 billion pumpkin pie. Whilst these figures from America are rather extortionate, the UK has begun to follow in their footsteps due to the influence online, from American TV shows and movies and last year the total UK spend was predicted at £283.4 million according to Alastair Lockhart at Savvy marketing.

So this year, whilst there will be thousands of Elsa from Frozen roaming the streets looking for sweets, you could be sitting with your feet up happy that your business has benefitted from the holiday that in past years, many businesses haven’t cashed in on. We thought we would therefore put together some ideas on how your business could benefit from the holiday.

happy halloween

Costumes require creativity and individuality- Not everyone will want a shop bought costume, especially if they’re going to a party. With more adults than ever now getting into the spirit, and parties from Halloween (especially as this years Halloween lands on a Saturday!) become more popular, people want to think outside the box with their costume. If you own a dance shop promote your tutus, if you own a charity shop promote your second hand wedding dresses as costumes for zombie brides! Take whatever you sell and turn it into a costume idea, a prop to make a costume better, or something to make a costume from- e.g. if you sell fabric or textiles.

Mobile marketing- with mobile Halloween searches growing 1,052% on Bing Ads in 2014, make sure any online adverts such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads are opted into mobile. Mobile is a huge way people use online searches in 2015, with sending friends and family costume or decoration ideas, your products may be better recognised online if you are high up on search engine listings.

Email marketing- Send out an emailer! Every holiday is an opportunity for sales of even regular products- send out an email wishing your customers a Happy Halloween, and include a discount code for good measure- everyone loves a discount and it is a very good way to promote repeat sales.

Social media- on your social media, start plugging every holiday a few weeks before them- if you’re giving fun ideas of costumes or food and decoration, don’t give them the day before Halloween or noone will have time to recreate them! Before October 15th is when 75% of Halloween shopping occurs- of course there will be the last rush, but the early bird is catching the worm with this one- promote early!


With 162 million people celebrating Halloween in 2014, it is a very profitable holiday to be part of if you can tailor your product to fit in with the theme!