Welcome to the future everyone! You may have seen online that today is the day that Doc and Marty McFly went into the future to October 21st 2015 during the Back to the Future II film (released in 1989.) We're looking at a few of the things that have and haven't come true, and what some brands have come up with to celebrate the day!

Self lacing trainers:

Call us lazy, but self lacing trainers could be useful in life, imagine on a morning not having to bend all the way down to your feet to tie your laces! We think this one, we might be able to live without (though Nike have been hinting at them bringing some out designed by the same person who worked on the original shoes in the film, and if so, we really wouldn't mind a pair.)


Watching the films, this was always the one part of the future I wanted to be a reality by now, the closest we've come would probably be the latest craze of balance boards- though really a pink hoverboard is far more my style. Watch the video below for Christopher Lloyd (Doc) apologising for the false hope…

Video Calling:

We now have Skype, FaceTime and other video services to talk face to face with family and friends, Skype is also built into some TVs now so they were right with this one! We no longer use faxes in favour of other ways such as email, which means your boss can't fax you an A4 'You're Fired' page.

Wearable technology:

We now have lots of wearable technology, Apple watches were released this year, however wearable technology has been available for years, an example is the sport trackers which track your fitness hooked up from a bracelet or armband which send data to your smartphone. We may not have the 80s style glasses Marty's kids wear at the dinner table, however if you have a quick Google of 'Google Glass' you will see a modern version, with another update 'Google Glass 2' coming. Google Glass details are limited, and they will come with a hefty pricetag, but someday soon perhaps we too can all be sat around the dining table, eating dehydrated food, ignoring our family in favour of texting via our specs.



For the film, Ford provided some of the futuristic cars, and for today released the video below as a mock product video for the 'Flux Capacitor' for their cars. I especially like how it comes with a note to clarify that 'obviously, this upgrade is not actually available.'



Pepsi was featured in the movie, and for today they have released a limited edition range of a few thousand bottles of the Pepsi drink in a collector's case with real sugar rather than vitamins, which sounds far more fun, along with an advert. The tag line 'The Future is Now' accompanies the advert.


And who could forget Churchill, randomly on a hoverboard to celebrate the day. Have a look at the number 1 top twitter trend #BackToTheFuture to see more about the day!


Eyes peeled for anyone in a DeLorean today!