We’ll start by saying that we hope you’re all doing well right now. In an era of staying at home, whether you’re being productive or taking the time out to hit reset on the chill button as much as possible, we’re all muddling through in our own ways. 

In case you’ve finished Tiger King on Netflix and wondered what to do now whilst processing the chaos of the programme, we’ve compiled our list of top free things to do that are fun at home. All of these things will, of course, be done from our own homes and respect social distancing measures in place at the time of writing it. 


Exercise classes

Our gyms are shut but it doesn’t mean they’re not putting on classes. To remain active in whatever sense you fancy whether yoga, HIIT or an abs class, you can find so many great classes on YouTube; we’d recommend Yoga by Adrienne and MADFIT in particular for great, easy to follow along classes that don’t take too much time! We’ve also been doing some great Instagram Live and IGTV classes. On Psycle London’s account there’s classes going on all day long, run by their expert instructors then saved to their IGTV. From barre to abs and arms burn, there’s lots of challenging classes for you to try! 


A language

Learn a language. Everyone seems to be saying this one right now as part of what can be done during lock down and there are some great paid online tutors and courses, but to begin with, it might be an option to take a free course to just make sure you will commit to the classes and enjoy them. For that reason, we’d recommend taking a look through the Open University’s free courses, there’s lots of language options available as well as different abilities. There’s not just languages on here if you wanted to take a history or geography course just for fun! 


An online art course

There’s so many talented people connecting with the world through screens at the moment and sharing their expertise. From calligraphy classes to watercolour classes, there’s lots of different classes to be found. Sarah Richards in this class takes you through watercolour from beginners, so pull out that watercolour set you bought and never used and get painting!
Disney are also putting videos on their YouTube channel as how to draw their famous characters, a lot of fun and something for kids to do!



We can’t go without mentioning Codecademy. Learning the basics to code is  a great skill to have, whether you’re going to take that forward into being a developer or just want a greater understanding of how code works. These classes might sound intimidating but they start out for total beginners and have a great level of explanation with each. 



With everyone coping with lockdown by making banana bread on mass, we’ve been searching for other things to make now we’ve got the time. If you, like us, have been missing Wagamamas, head to their Instagram and join in with their Wok from Home; so much fun and you’ll be popular in your household! 



Don’t stop exploring; go on Geoguesser and play the game of them placing you somewhere on Google Maps and then explore to guess where you are. It’s really addictive to play and you can do it once a day for free; we’re still trying to work out where we are, we’re still trapped on a dust road somewhere in the world. 


Take a trip

There’s so much you could do online; and whilst the atmosphere might not be there, it’s quite fun to just wander around places on Google Map we can’t be right now. Plan your next trip in the finest detail and when we’re all allowed to travel again – you can visit that ice cream parlour you’ve been eyeing along the Venice canal. On Google Arts & Culture, you can walk round Pompeii from the comfort of your sofa or the Milan Duoma – a nice break from the ordinary if you’re feeling a little trapped where you are. 


We hope we’ve given you an idea or two of things to do; there’s just so much going on online with so many fab creative people sharing their skills to entertain others as we navigate through this unprecedented time. From creative writing courses, taking up new hobbies, learning things you didn’t have time for before, there’s so much to do that there’s no time to be bored!