Engage Comms are an award-winning, Yorkshire based content marketing agency. They specialise in content marketing and employer branding and, last week, we launched their new website!

We were excited to put this website live, which was mainly due to our favorite and undoubtedly the most engaging part of the site; the moving video banner which occupies the whole homepage screen. These video banners are popular lately, from air bnb to some of the bigger bloggers using them to increase engagement and bring life to a website above and beyond a one dimensional image. Web design is focused around telling a story, and immediately telling someone that has entered the site what the brand is and what it represents, as well as setting out an overall vibe of the website is important, we feel video is a great way to achieve this. Great web design leaves no stone unturned when it is trying to connect and interact with users, when it comes to this- there is nothing more engaging than a video. With more and more video content being recorded and published everyday, modern internet users tend to prefer video and images over plain texts; so incorporating a video into your homepage on your website can go a long way to bringing the entire design of the website to life.

The website’s purpose is to tell a potential client about the company, and encourage them through information on their clients and sections such as ‘who we are,’ to contact Engage Comms to ask for more information as to what services they can offer to help their business grow in terms of online visibility.

engage comms imac

Their clients include; Harry Fairclough Construction, Credit Services Association and Richard Grafton. They focus on creating engaging content that boosts their clients’ online visibility. We also built them a social ‘wall’ where you can see, in one place, all their posts from each of their social media channels which makes it easier for any prospective clients to get a real feeling of the company, without having to search for them on every social channel.

engage comms crops

We’re really happy with the Engage Comms website, and were looking forward to sharing with you all adigi’s latest launch!