If you follow us on social media, you might have seen the competition we ran to offer a charity the chance to win a free, responsive website, designed and built by us. The winning charity was Leeds Children’s Charity, and we are so happy to have launched their new website this week!

The charity began in 1904, then known as Leeds Poor Children’s Holiday Camp Association, has provided a safe, fun and happy environment for over 60,000 disadvantaged and socially excluded children from Leeds to go on a holiday away from the uncertainty of their everyday lives. The charity campaigns and is a voice for those who suffer abuse or neglect, live in poverty or are a young carer for their relatives. A week away from their home lives can make all the difference for these children, allowing them to meet and interact with others in similar situations to them, and have a fun filled break by the seaside, away from the pressures of everyday life.


We decided it was such an important cause; to help these children in any way would be a great chance for us to give back to the community. A website allows the charity to have an online base that they can use to raise awareness of the charity, receive online donations and give information on how everyone can get involved in helping these children. The website has the facility to have a news section, which the charity are already using to talk about important issues they have that everyone can help to solve, or events to attend to raise vital funds for them.

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The Leeds Children’s Charity is such an important one for the disadvantaged children in Leeds, and we are proud to launch the website and to have contributed in the best way we know how- designing and creating a website that we hope will help them grow for many years to come!