This week, we were excited to release our latest integrated responsive blog we produced for Wensleydale Creamery- to fit in with the styling and brand of their existing website.


As you can see, great content is now being published by Wensleydale, including recipes- this ‘Yorkshire Wensleydale & Cranberries Cheese Salad’ is tickling our fancy right now!

Over the past few years, it has become clear why businesses need to blog regularly- it engages potential new customers and helps them find your website- according to HubSpot, 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers, it also fuels the SEO- search engines will pick up on the valuable content you are creating and reward you with better ranking. It also, shown by Wensleydale, is a channel to show your customers new and exciting ways to use your products- Wensleydale have demonstrated cheese isn’t just to be eaten on crackers (sorry Wallace) but is also a great addition to a soup!

Wensleydale's new blog on a tablet

Checkout optimisation

In 2014, we were tasked with improving the conversion rate from basket to checkout – there were lots of customers dropping out at this stage. We identified several weaknesses within the checkout process and set about creating a more streamlined experience here, leading to an increase conversion of people completing the checkout process- leading to increased sales- which is the ultimate goal!

From the optimisation work we completed, Wensleydale saw a 200% increase in sales for 2014 and a 250% increase in 2015. Read the full case study


We love the branding that was already on the Wensleydale site, and as lovers of their cheese, we were very excited to be able to design their blog and help promote their social media by integrating it onto the website and blog. This has resulted in an increase in social media engagement, increasing Twitter followers and Facebook likes.

With such a full heritage of the brand, dating back to the 12th Century when the Cistercian monks settled in Wensleydale and began creating cheese, we are very excited to see what Wensleydale will blog about next, especially if it is such impressive news like this…


Go have a read!