We have exciting news! We have started an Instagram account!

Following the announcement last week that Instagram have hit 400 million monthly active users, we decided to jump on the bandwagon, and let everyone see what we get up to at our digital agency!


You can find us on Instagram with the username


We would love to be able to interact with all our blog readers over on Instagram!


Facebook, who own Instagram, now they have reached 400 million monthly users, are set to monetise the app. Recently you may have noticed on your feed 'sponsored' posts, where all businesses can purchase adverts which will be rolled out to Instagram users. Instagram on their page for business claim they want, "both advertisers and the Instagram community to have the same high-quality ad experience on Instagram as they do on Facebook." They want good quality relevant photos. Target ads will soon also be introduced to the platform, eMarketer predicts Instagram will hit $600 million this year from advertising revenue, and in 2016 predicts this figure will jump 146% to reach $1.48 billion in 2016.

If you're reading this wishing Instagram was one social media platform left alone from spammy adverts, you can rest assured, on adigi's page, you'll be safe from adverts of new toothpaste or life changing makeup, we simply want to entertain you with our pets and cake…