You may have seen, over the past few months, the new direction Argos are taking their jewellery lines in, offering a personalisation service on pieces of jewellery. The concept is that, with personalisation being such a huge trend right now as seen on websites such as Not on the Highstreet, Argos saw the opportunity to capitalise on this, and therefore have started to produce personalised bespoke jewellery. You can add names or personal messages on your items to make great gifts or personal jewellery. All a customer needs to do is choose the basic piece they want, and then choose their text to place on the item, within a certain number of characters which will be lasered on to the piece, Argos will then fulfil the customisation process and deliver the jewellery to the customer.

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We had to therefore make sure that the process of customisation was clear, as the personalisation cannot be removed; the online order form had to be as easy to comprehend as possible. The site is clear, fresh and easy to use for all ages, keeping with the slogan behind the concept; ‘Create your own jewellery, its easy as 1,2,3!’

Brand identity is important for Argos. Being an established company since 1972, there are few people in the UK who wouldn’t recognise Argos’ branding, with over 750 stores and 800 million website visits a year, we are very proud they chose adigi to create and design the new website for their jewellery range. We therefore kept within strict guidelines for the responsive website design, the banners, the branding and the general layout in tune with the Argos website despite being an offshoot venture for the company. Argos have 138,000 followers on their social media site, and are aware how important promotion of their products is, with almost 20% of online purchases made through social media sites. They will therefore now take over with the branding we have created for the products to promote their products online.

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As a solely ecommerce website, it is important to entice a customer to buy the item whilst never physically seeing it. The items aren’t available to view in store due to the customisation, so we had to create a strategy to sell products through the screen to customers. The banners upon opening the webpage are primarily designed for this purpose, large and engaging across the screen, we designed them with photos of some of the key pieces available on the site to invite customers to view them, online customers can be fickle, with such saturations of markets, as soon as they view a page they need to be convinced your product is superior to other companies, they need to be engaged as soon as they click on a page, which we aim to do.

The website is built on a Zend framework, and has an integration with a stock management system to ensure the e-commerce user experience is as flawless as possible, from landing on the page, to proceeding through our checkout stages.We ensured the website is SEO friendly, as for all our clients, we want to help boost sales as much as possible, and making the site as visible as possible online helps to ensure this.