What happened to the good old days when the height of promotion was on good old paper, local and national newspaper could charge you a small fortune for the pleasure of advertising and the only choice you had was whether it was full colour, spot colour or mono. Alternatively you could use the tried and tested ‘new wave’ called ‘Direct’ marketing. All you needed was a data company to cleverly segment names, address and preference, a creative company to charge you huge amounts to come up with an envelope, letter and flyer and then the small matter of postage…all in all you were looking at tens of thousands of pounds the moment you had your ‘eureka’ moment!

Are those good old days missed? What happened to change the businesses approach to marketing and demand more from their budget with greater accountability? Some may say the general public changed their habits and ways, other may argue to glory days of Tony Blair and the Labour machine brought about a more affluent market place in which the consumer came to the business the business didn’t need to come to the consumer. However consider this, what medium has been taken from a plaything of IT boffins to the most valuable communication channel in the world? Quite simply the internet, and more specifically the world wide web.

At adigi we were early starters, our team had early beginnings being IT geeks themselves, back in 1994 they first started unravelling the mysteries of Compuserve and gaining an appreciation for all things web related. Over the last 16 years our team have become old and wiser, evolving with the web from a play thing to the most sophisticated communication tool in the world, viewed by billions and essential part of everyday business.

No longer do businesses think about the good old days, they are long gone….instead they look to companies in West Yorkshire to design, develop and launch their online propositions. Where the old mediums of advertising and direct marketing have become second fiddle to search engine optimisation and social media optimisation. Business have two choices today, embrace the new wave of digital communication or keep talking about the good old days…however they’re long gone!