We’ve been incredibly busy in the studio these past few weeks, designing and building websites! With a few more launches in the near future, it’s an exciting time for team adigi! To celebrate our launches, we went on a team outing to York Races, hoping to win our fortunes – it turns out, we’re not race betting extraordinaires so we’re all sticking to what we’re good at!

New launches

Bidcom Services

Bidcom Services is a market expert in winning bids and tenders for small to medium sized business. We’ve built a system allowing a user to register and login to a website to bid for council and EU projects tender opportunities. A user can save the tender to their profile to collect them together before they’re invited to bid through the website. BidAlert is a service that works to take a users preferences and will alert them when a tender comes up that will interest them – doing the hard work for them! BidWin is a valuable service in which the user can request help applying for the tenders from experts, giving them the edge over other applicants and help to win the tenders.

We worked with the Bidcom team throughout the branding, design and build of the website to produce a project we’re all proud of and excited to launch! It’s a hugely beneficial B2B tool which can help to build the business by gaining you new work – make sure you go sign up! All you need to do is fill in your industry and the types of tenders you’d be interested in being notified of, and BidAlert will do the rest!


Chiffon London

Being tasked with building a whole new brand for a business is a project we love to undertake. After consulting with the company as to the feel and aims of the business, we develop a set of brand guidelines to present. Once this is achieved, we can start on the design and build of the website to match these new brand guidelines.

For Chiffon, we had to engage with their two target markets – consumers and jewellery retailers. The website aims to improve on the previous website for the company, the ease of navigation was important to us, ensuring there was a limited number of clicks from the homepage to the pieces so there’s a higher chance of an enquiry. Design wise, we wanted to showcase the jewellery to their full potential which meant building a website clean in design which allowed the pieces to shine!

The website is also responsive, something we believe every website should be in today’s digital world. With a high amount of users accessing websites on both mobile and tablet devices, it’s important websites are optimized to cater for this – or risk losing the user.


Make sure you check out the Bidcom website and the Chiffon London site and let us know what you think! Putting websites live and knowing we’ve achieved everything we set out to with them is incredibly satisfying and we can’t wait to let you know about some more incredibly exciting projects due to launch very soon!

Building a brand online

There’s many aspects to consider when building a brand online, from the tone of voice to the images used. We’ve held multiple photo shoots now for our clients to develop their brand online – photography is key in showcasing your brand to the best of its ability in the digital world. This also includes video; when a customer can’t physically see the product, a video is the closest they can come to seeing and understanding a product and it captures the attention for longer than a photograph can, engagement is key! If you want to discuss building your brand online, let us know, we’d love to hear from you!