brown & imac

For the last 50 years, Brown & Newirth have been considered one of London’s largest makers of fine jewellery. Handcrafing each piece of jewellery with expertise and precision, at adigi we were very excited to work with the brand to create their new website. After lots of hard work refining the branding and design of the website, launch day has arrived, and we couldn’t be happier with the result!

The new website reflects who Brown & Newirth are as a brand; a sophistocated, high end luxe retailer who create their products for jewellers all over the country. The website aims to promote the brand to those in the market for wedding jewellery, and showcase the artistry behind the pieces, and prompt them to enquire online to find a jeweller in their area that stocks Brown & Newirth rings.


As well as showing the variety of rings they create, the brand have dedicated a section of their website to their customers. The rings are humanised by seeing the stories behind the purchases; proposal stories have recently become a trend online as they get more lavish, and so these have been included on the website in their fun #oneinamillion campaign to show how people get engaged with a Brown & Newirth engagement ring! This campaign will also be linked to their social media so through this, we hope it will boost their online presence!


Additional to showing the rings, having a clear route on the website for a user to find a stockist was very important. Selling them through various jewellers across the UK, we needed to show the rings, get prospective buyers interested, and then show them where they can purchase the rings. Similarily, there is a retail area in prominent view on the website so jewellers themselves can log in and purchase rings to sell in their stores.