As an agency we have worked on a number of WordPress integrations with Salesforce (mainly for our B2B customers). Salesforce tends to be a popular CRM platform for our clients. 

 It is great for streamlined lead management, automating data synchronisation, and generally enhancing the overall sales and marketing processes for our clients. 

Here’s how we have and can integrate WordPress with Salesforce:

  • Salesforce WordPress Plugins: There are several WordPress plugins available that enable integration with Salesforce (that we trust and are well supported). Two popular options are “Salesforce API” and “Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-on.” These plugins provide features such as lead capture forms, data synchronisation, and lead management.
    • Salesforce API: This plugin allows you to connect WordPress with Salesforce using Salesforce’s API. It provides functionality for creating and updating Salesforce records, syncing leads and contacts, and managing data between the two systems.
    • Gravity Forms Salesforce Add-on: If you are using the Gravity Forms plugin on your WordPress website, this add-on allows you to connect your forms directly to Salesforce. It enables you to map form fields to Salesforce objects and automates lead creation and data synchronisation.
  • Lead Capture Forms: With the integration in place, you can create lead capture forms on the WordPress website using a plugin (we can configure this to your needs). When a user fills out a form, the data is automatically sent to Salesforce, creating a lead or contact record. This ensures that the leads generated on the website are seamlessly transferred to your Salesforce CRM (we have done this for a number of customers).
  • Data Synchronisation: The integration enables bi-directional data synchronisation between WordPress (your website) and Salesforce. This means that any updates made in Salesforce, such as lead status changes or contact information updates, can be reflected in WordPress, ensuring consistency across both platforms.
  • Sales and Marketing Automation: By integrating WordPress with Salesforce, we can automate various sales and marketing processes. For example, we can set up workflows to assign leads to specific staff members, trigger email campaigns based on lead activity, or generate tasks and reminders for follow-up actions.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Salesforce does offer robust analytics and reporting capabilities that allow you to track and measure the performance of your sales and marketing activity. With all the integrations we do, you can leverage these features to gain insights into lead generation, conversion rates, and other key metrics directly from your WordPress dashboard (if we set this up for you on your website).

To integrate WordPress with Salesforce, we work with you on your requirements and suggest the best solution for your project and business. Scoping out the work is key to the success of the project.

Talk to us today about your project.