As WordPress experts in designing and building websites for some of the biggest brands around, we have vast experience in building high performance websites.  When a design and build is done by the agency we are continually benchmarking the  performance, technical, and conversion aspects related to WordPress framework we deploy (this doesn’t just stop when we have finished a project, this is ongoing). The areas we usually cover with continuous improvement  aspects of website development and optimisation are as follows (here are just a few):

  • Performance:
    • Responsiveness: Ensuring your WordPress site is optimised for speed and performs well on a number of the most common devices.
    • Caching: Implementing caching mechanisms to reduce server load and speed up page loading times.
    • Image Optimisation: Compressing and optimising images to improve website performance.
    • Code Optimisation: Reviewing and optimising the codebase for better efficiency.
  • Technical Experts:
    • Security: Implementing security best practices, such as using secure plugins, regular updates, and HTTPS.
    • Server Configuration: Configuring the server for optimal performance and security.
    • Code Debugging and Troubleshooting: Identifying and fixing technical issues within the WordPress environment.
    • Database Optimisation: Optimising the WordPress database for improved efficiency.
    • Keeping any third party plugins up to the latest versions
  • Conversion Experts:
    • User Experience (UX): Enhancing the overall user experience to increase conversions.
    • A/B Testing: Conducting A/B tests on different elements of the website to determine the most effective design or content.
    • Call-to-Action (CTA) Optimisation: Improving the placement, design, and effectiveness of calls-to-action to encourage user interaction.
    • Analytics: Analysing website data to identify areas for improvement and making data-driven decisions

As a  specialist in WordPress development and optimisation services. We have a proven track record in performance, technical, and conversion optimisation. Talk to us today about an audit and how we can improve your website!