In the adigi office, we all like a cup of coffee to perk us up in the morning, so we were excited to get the opportunity to work with the coffee brand Percol to create them a new responsive website to further their business. We constructed the website in conjuncton with Chilli, who are one of the UK’s leading brand consultanices. We were pleased to work closely with the Chilli team, they desined and built the website, and adigi created the responsive website, built the framework and template for the website and created the social media platforms for Percol.


Percol are a UK coffee brand, bringing the best coffee from around the world to UK markets, whilst giving back to the farmers and environments that grow the coffee beans. For over 25 years, they have built great relationships with coffee producers around the world, from Central and South America to Indonesia. The company spend over 150 days a year at the farms getting to know the land and the farmers. This means the producers recieve the support needed to continue to grow the beans. It also makes Percol coffee Fairtrade and by buying it, from most major supermarkets, you are promoting sustainability within the environment. With the Rainforest Alliance, Percol help improve working and living conditions for the farmers and their families and encourage sustainable farming practices. They help educate farmers on the importance of protecting biodiversity and natural resources. Additionally, Percol was instumental for founding the Good for Life Charity in 1998, a charity that focuses on empowering women and children in coffee growing communities through education, microcredit projects and healthcare projects. All of this, we think, make this company individual and pretty cool- and makes us loyal customers as we can drink amazing tasty coffee, and help the environment and communities at the same time!

percol screenshot

Have a look at Percols’ social media to find out more about this brand, and see what adigi team love to do with creating brands social media!