On reviewing the last ten years what has dramatic changed in the world of business? Do you remember the fax machine, in it’s hay day it was the height of technology, sending and receiving a message gripped the audience with a level of excitement not felt since the victorians used pigeons! However more notable has been the substantial growth of digital marketing. Once frowned upon as the poor cousin of marketing it is fast becoming the largest part of any discerning marketing budget, leaving direct marketing, advertising and PR in it’s wake…but why?

  • Digital marketing – offers a dynamic, interactive medium with no boundaries
  • Dont think local, think national – it opens up all business to a national audience with opportunity to generate more sales and loyal customers
  • Search engine optimisation – gives everyone a chance at success, it’s no longer based on big budgets but clever strategies
  • Social Media Optimisation – gives everyone the chance to be heard

So is digital marketing essential in 2010, you bet, more important than any other marketing you think you might need…therefore re-look at your budget and allocate some for website design/development, search engine optimisation and social media optimisation.