Case Study

Children’s E-Hospital

The children’s e-hospital provides on-line paediatric services for parents and clinicians. Headed up by medical professional Dr Tim Ubhi, a leading doctor in paediatric care, the website is a resource of information and support. As well as medical advice the website offers online consultations and products that can help support the care of a child.

case study

Relaunch And Shop

With the project we rebranded the logo and brand identity, the brief being to create a user friendly experience for parents, patients and clinicians to navigate to the relevant sections with limited clicks.

case study

Better website better health care

The website has been repositioned as an image and icon led experience for browsing. The introduction of being able to provide online consultations and payment basket have meant consultations can be booked in and paid for before the doctor gives his consultation.

A key focus of the website is also to promote the products that offer assistance in the diagnosis of patient care. With an increase in traffic by 400% since we put the website live.

Adigi x B2B

Delivering fast, flexible, secure and scalable solutions that provide businesses with impact. We’re trusted by multiple agencies to design and develop their own sites, worked with the UK’s principal provider of veterinary, compliance and health solutions, an international gender equality and advocacy organisation, and a leading print management company – we’ve worked with a spectrum of businesses.

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