We have been experts in helping customers to migrate from Magento and Magento 2 over to Enterprise level WordPress and WooCommerce! This for us an agency usually involves the following considerations, transferring the  online store’s data, such as products, categories, customers, and orders, from one platform to another. While the process can be complex, here is a general overview of the steps involved:

  •  We help plan your migration: We do a technical scope to Identify the key data you want to migrate and set clear objectives and timelines for the transition.
  • We set up your WooCommerce store: Install and configure WooCommerce on  our  server. Ensuring that we have a compatible version of WordPress installed to receive all data.
  • We export data from Magento: In your Magento admin panel, export the necessary data. Magento provides options to export data in various formats, including CSV.
  • We then convert the data format: Since Magento and WooCommerce use different data structures, we’ll need to convert the exported data into a format compatible with Enterprise level WooCommerce. This can involve mapping fields and restructuring the data.
  • We Import data into WooCommerce: Utilising our own WooCommerce import feature or we sometimes  use a migration plugin to import the converted data. This process may involve importing products, categories, customers, and orders separately.
  • We set up additional functionality: Install and configure any additional plugins or extensions required to replicate the functionality you had in Magento. WooCommerce has a wide range of plugins available to enhance your online store (depending on your requirements and the scope of the project)
  • We test and verify everything: Our team thoroughly and test the migrated data to ensure that everything has been transferred accurately. Check product information, pricing, images, customer accounts, and order history for any discrepancies.
  • We design engaging and conversion focused WooCommerce websites: We design your WooCommerce store to match your branding and desired target audience. CRO and best practice is at the heart of what we do! 
  • We set up payment gateways and shipping methods: Configure the payment gateways and shipping methods you want to offer on your WooCommerce store. Ensuring they are properly integrated and functioning correctly.
  • We redirect URLs: Implement proper URL redirection from your old Magento URLs to the corresponding WooCommerce URLs. This is essential to maintain search engine rankings and prevent broken links.


Depending on the complexity of your Magento store and the amount of data you have,  as an agency we would work with you to analyse your project. We specialise in Magento to WooCommerce migrations. 

Contact us today to discuss your project.