Angram, for the last 40 years have been considered the hallmark for quality products and service within the beer dispense industry, and are now one of the leading manufacturers of beer dispense equipment in the UK and Europe. As lovers of craft beer, we were eager to get started with the project and create a website the company could use to build brand awareness and be a ‘shop window’ for designers, architects and specifiers interested in Angram. There is also an ecommerce section of the website where consumers can buy hand and beer pumps direct which we hope will increase traffic to the site.

angram screenshot

We produced a creative website design to showcase Angram’s own design flair; large rolling banners and photos showcasing the pumps and fonts Angram are renowned for, make up a website that is clean whilst having a slight edge. The main projects Angram have worked on each have a ‘case studies’ section which includes, Samuel Adams, Innis & Gun, Aspall Cyder and Fullers.

angram hand pump

The ecommerce section of the website was an important next step for the company. The aim was to create an easy process for their clients to purchase the various components that are necessary in order to have the beer taps- from the hand pumps to the drip trays. We concentrated on the checkout process and making this streamlined; so from landing on the website to completing checkout, the process was as simple as possible. For the company to be able to see the statistics of the site, we set up a sales, order and conversion tracking process so they can see improvement over time.

aspall screenshot

SEO is something we aim to increase on every site we develop, using a Zend framework, we built a SEO friendly, fully responsive website to organically build traffic to the website which will then in theory raise ecommerce sales. Raising the awareness of the brand was important as they hope that business across the UK and Europe will increase even more once more people know where the pumps they see in the bar are designed and created. Due to careful keyword research and SEO optimisation, Angram have seen a 60% growth in web traffic after the launch of their new site.

angram latest projects

‘Latest projects’ is a section which will be constantly updated as Angram win new clients, showing off the hand pumps they have created will bring more interest from other companies as it shows the prestigious names in the beer industry use Angram as their designer. Between this section and the case studies, the company are able to show how versatile they are in producing new designs for clients.

The website has seen a huge increase of traffic since being live, and we are excited to be able to track the progress going forward. In the future, email marketing campaigns are going to be a priority for the company and together with Angram we hope to produce these as well as boost their social media presence with newly set up channels to increase their online brand awareness.

So the next time you order a beer at the bar- have a look at the pump; is it one of Angram’s?