Those who have a cohesive digital marketing strategy, and there are those that are still participating in a disjointed digital marketing strategy. The two are worlds apart, and yet with minor changes to how you are operating your strategy will contribute hugely to how it is running as a whole- as an effect, your business will undoubtedly increase. Here’s why.

They have a better brand understanding

One of the major benefits of working with a digital agency is that they are one entity which all communicate and work on ideas together. If you have free lancers working for you all in different areas of your marketing strategy, there are bound to be differences of opinions which will show in the work- instead of all going in the same direction to achieve maximum results and power towards one idea, things may be fractured as each individual focuses’ on his or her’s separate project. The digital agency will reduce the amount of time you are putting towards managing everyone; they’ll manage themselves, talking together, ironing out a strategy all parties agree on, and then presenting it to you- your time ironing out different people running different strategies is reduced, and since you will be working with one company, the time you’re spending communicating with them will also be reduced.

The cost

As your business develops, you might see a need to have, for example, a digital designer to tickle up your website and perhaps create a banner or image for you, however, employing them full time would be a strain on your finances and you really only need them for a few hours here and there. A digital agency is where you will find a happy solution- you can pay for the time you need, and, since agencies tend to only employ the best, you know you’re getting a highly skilled designer to work on your idea with you.

A bigger team

If you’ve heard the quote, “a flock has a greater flying range in formation than a single bird would have on its own” you’ll be aware how this works within a team. A digital agency is able to use a huge amount of shared expertise to combine extensive industry knowledge. Add to this knowledge the contacts each individual will have built up over their years; they’ll know exactly which bloggers, websites or social influencers you should be connecting with you try further your business. When clients come and work with a digital agency, they have the benefit of the skills of all the team members- designers, developers, SEO, social media, content writers and so on, when all the aspects come together, your digital marketing strategy is sure to be a strong, clear one.


Adding to their knowledge, because agencies have multiple clients, they also know analytics from all types of businesses, this means that they will know what works or what doesn’t when it comes to creating and building strategies. If a trend is emerging in what works for their other clients- or in contrast, things that haven’t worked- you’ll get the benefit of their successes.

Keeping up

The internet moves fast, and so keeping up with the latest trends and technology is a full time job- it’s our full time job. Whilst you’re running your business and everything that comes with that, creating the social aspect of things may be put on the back burner- you might not have time to produce daily content to promote the business! This is where an agency comes in, as they can completely take this stress off your hands and make it their job to produce visual and written content for your social media and/or blog, this takes the pressure off your resources- so let the agency prioritise this!

So let’s do something about it…

If your strategy needs some work, we’d love to have a chat with you about how we feel we can improve it for your business’ advantage!