The eternal question…are you making the most of your website design and development in 2010. As the government is telling us we’re leaving the recession and heading for better days business that have survived are now looking for new opportunities. Traditionally websites have been considered something you needed but often not cared for and forgotten, however toward the end of 2009 more and more business are starting to see the true value of having a more considered website design.

Throughout the recession the UK population has become more discerning about spending their precious income, in doing so they have sought better value online. This has not just been for the more common uses of online, such as ecommerce, brochureware and a good old fashioned shop window, but for professional services companies such as solictors, architects and accountants. As more browsers have turned to the internet to source better value, professional services have begun to invest heavily in well considered website design and development. The need to generate a continual flow of enquiries has seen the traditional two page website deleted and the new call to action heavy, browser considered site is in.

However the companies have not stopped there, search engine optimisation has become a key marketing tool to help increase their visibility. With new websites designed for the browser to enquire and developed to be found by search engines professional services companies in Yorkshire are now embracing the power of the web. However much to our surprise these companies are beginning to take the next step and looking at how social media optimisation can work for them.