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Zebra Finance

Zebra Finance provide tailored financial products that enable their resellers to offer convenient and flexible loan options to their customers. There are several niece markets Zebra Finance specialise in, including: season ticket finance, health finance, golf club membership finance and leisure finance.

Season ticket finance is a major part of their business; they have relationships with more than 60 clubs throughout the UK which includes several premier league clubs, rugby and cricket clubs as well as the F1 Grand Prix.

Zebra Health Finance provides medical loans to patients of private hospitals and clinics to finance a range of treatments and procedures, and has relationships with around 50 hospitals includes major health service providers.

Zebra Golf Finance have relationships with over 170 golf clubs across the UK. They provide the facility for each club to offer monthly payments for membership fees.

Zebra Leisure Finance have relationships with several major leisure parks in the UK. Their services include site fees, residential park and holiday homes.

When adigi started working with Zebra Finance, we quickly established that their digital arm of the business was fragmented with many inconsistencies in the branding. There were also issues with the hosting infrastructure which was not adequately maintained and becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Adigi consolidated everything into one central, dedicated and scalable solution which will support the demands of their business for years to come. Our design team worked on all the required websites and email marketing campaigns, ensuring that the branding was carried through to maintain a consistent look and customer experience.


Key features and services

  • Development of main corporate website
  • Development of multiple customer-facing and B2B micro-sites to cater for each brand
  • Bespoke CMS to manage all website from one central location
  • Integration with online application system
  • Email marketing integration
  • Dedicated hosting solution and ongoing support


Following consolidation and re-development of their existing websites, the digital aspect of Zebra Finance has been a much easier process to manage internally, allowing them to shift their focus into different of the business.


adigi launched 8 sites for Zebra Finance in 2015 and there are several more to follow. The re-launch of was met with an instant increase in conversion for online and offline enquiries. Mobile traffic and conversion of that traffic has increased significantly and with several sites now catering for each specific area of their business, there is more opportunity to target specific products more effectively to their customers.

Our on-going email marketing strategy has provided the opportunity to capture more data which is automatically segmented for more targeted and effective campaigns.

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